How To Listen to the BNN Podcast

The Baseball News Now Podcast is now up on multiple sources! Keep reading to find out where you can listen to the BNN Podcast, plus more details!

Where You Can Listen

As of right now, it is only on 3 websites:

-Podbean ( This website hosts my podcast. I highly recommend it if you want to start your own podcast (free option).

-Spotify ( This is the main source to listen to my podcast. I LOVE Spotify!

-Directly from the website! ( This is a guaranteed ad-free source to listen to the podcast (I don’t know about Podbean & Spotify is ad-free if you have Spotify Premium). This is the best way to listen in my opinion.

Will it come to X service?

Hopefully. I am exploring every option, and hope to have it on iTunes soon. From there, we’ll see what other services seem like good options.

How long will the episodes be?

The first one is 51 minutes; it will likely average around 35 minutes per episode.

Are the episodes scripted? And if so, will you release the scripts?

Yes! They are scripted. I do improvise a lot to make it sound better and less scripted. I am considering releasing the scripts as a part of Baseball News Now Plus, but please note that they will not completely match the podcast. This is because of grammatical errors and updated information.

Do you take recommendations for episode topics?

Yes! Reach out to me at

What’s your plan with the blog?

I hope to have new articles up daily or every other day. I also hope to have weekly updates on the season, in addition to the podcast.

Thank you for reading!

Baseball News Now Podcast Officially Announced, Plus FAQs

I know that I have told some people about a possible podcast, but I am here today to tell you about it in depth.

The Baseball News Now Podcast will be a weekly podcast usually released on Fridays, although my inaugural episode may be released on a different day. I may miss a few weeks due to real life but for the most part I will try to stay active. I actually have recorded a few episodes back in April, but the sound quality is TERRIBLE because I recorded them on my phone through the Voice Memos app.

I did have one of them up on my website for about a week before I determined that the quality of sound was too bad even for me to listen to, so I took it down. If you want to see them come back onto the website then I recommend commenting or emailing me.

With that said, let’s get into some FAQs.

Where can I listen to the podcast?

It will be on Spotify and my website. There will be a new section of the website titled “BNN Podcast” or something like that. I might not get it up onto my website until a few days after release, but at this point it’s all up in the air. But Spotify would be my recommendation.

What will it cover?

During the baseball season a base episode will include:

-Standings plus team breakdown

-Who’s Hot, Who’s Cold (Players or Teams)

-Playoff Predictions

-Baseball News Now Update

I could also cover baseball news, injuries, and more.

During the offseason it will cover baseball topics, free agent signings, and regular season predictions. Obviously the episodes will be much shorter as I don’t have as much to cover.

What time in the day will it release?

Anytime really, but I suspect around 7:00 PM CDT. It could release any time in the day.

Can I or xx Topic be feature on the podcast?

Of course. The best way to let me know is to email me at or you could comment on an article. I am open to ALL suggestions.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email me! I am ALWAYS available at No question is too small.


With all of the past events in mind, I have to voice by support for Trevor Bauer and Joe Kelly. Joe Kelly was unfairly suspended for 8 games (later reduced to 5) for enforcing the rules of life. The Astros cheated and they walked away almost scot free. Let’s take a closer look at the Joe Kelly – Astros incident.

Before we get into it, let’s put a bit of context on the story. In 2017 the Astros cheated by stealing their opponents pitching signs, therefore knowing what pitch was coming. They benefited so much by that cheating that they made it to the World Series, cheated, and won. Their opponent? The Dodgers.

The Astros were punished so lightly that some players have made it their personal goal to punish the Astros further. It doesn’t help that Rob Manfred has essentially given the Astros protection from ANY hit by pitches. This is the equivalent of a prison where there are no walls and the guards have no eyes and are 1′ tall.

I can infer that Kelly is a teammate guy who will put the success of the team over his own success. So although he wasn’t on that 2017 team, he backed his teammates up by purposely throwing at Alex Bregman.

The count is 3-0. There’s no one on, the Dodgers are winning 5-2, and it’s the 6th inning. There’s one out. Alex Bregman stands in the batters box. Kelly winds up, fires, and it NEARLY hits Bregman. Some pitchers call this “buzzing the tower” but I would refer to this as “buzzing he cheater”.

Kelly could not get his fastball going as he got Michael Brantley to hit into a fielder’s choice with his offspeed pitch. He then walked Yuli Gurriel and threw a wild pitch where he again Buzzed the Cheater, but this time with Carlos Correa.

He struck out Carlos Correa, and then he mocked Correa. The two exchanged swear words for a while before teammates broke it up.

The worst part is, Kelly was suspended 8 games! He eventually got put on the injured list and his suspension was reduced to 5 games.

Enter Trevor Bauer. He has been an avid supporter of enforcing rules of life (punishing cheaters) so he announced on Twitter that he would be wearing FREE JOE KELLY cleats but he was told by the MLB that he would get ejected. That is the taking away our right to protest! Let the players voice their support of a cause, MLB!

Not enforcing the basic rules of life is to have a 2 year prison sentence for murder.


Weekly Wrap Up: Sprint To The Finish With No Finish Line?

When we first heard that there was going to be a baseball season, what was the first thing that came to mind? It was joy for me. But after that, once the frosting fell off what did the cake look like? Danger.

Playing during a pandemic is not only challenging, but it requires for everyone to be in sync, following rules, and not getting COVID-19. When you see guys like Miles Mikolas going out and getting his team sick, I just feel sick to my stomach. As mentioned in tons of studies, sports keep people sane. I am sure that is the case for many people reading.

When you see people going out and risking the season for everyone else, risking contracts for everyone else, and risking SANITY for everyone else, again I feel sick to my stomach.

But what if there is no finish line in sight? What if this it? What if in 3 days, the season gets cancelled? And while I don’t feel that RIGHT NOW the league is in immediate danger of shutting down, I feel that it is a very real possibility.

Not only would people who work for the game go on another furlough, but it would affect sanity of human beings.

So I beg to players, please save the season. Please.


AL East:

1 Yankees 11-6

2 Rays 10-8 1.5 GB

3 Orioles 8-7 2 GB

4 Blue Jays 6-8 3.5 GB

5 Red Sox 6-11 5 GB

AL Central:

1 Twins 11-7

2 Tigers 9-6 0.5 GB

3 Indians 10-8 1 GB

4 White Sox 9-9 2 GB

5 Royals 7-11 4 GB

AL West:

1 Athletics 12-6

2 Rangers 7-9 4 GB

3 Astros 7-10 4.5 GB

4 Angels 7-11 5 GB

5 Mariners 7-12 5.5 GB

NL East:

1 Marlins 7-4

1 Braves 11-8

2 Nationals 6-7 2 GB

3 Phillies 5-7 2.5 GB

4 Mets 7-11 3.5 GB

NL Central:

1 Cubs 11-3

2 Reds 8-9 4.5 GB

3 Brewers 7-8 4.5 GB

4 Cardinals 2-3 4.5 GB

5 Pirates 3-13 9 GB

AL West:

1 Rockies 12-5

2 Dodgers 11-7 1.5 GB

3 Padres 11-7 1.5 GB

4 Giants 8-11 5 GB

5 Diamondbacks 7-11 5.5 GB

Wild Card Race:

American League

1 Indians 10-8 +1 G

2 Orioles 8-7


2 White Sox 9-9

4 Rangers 7-9 1 GB

National League

1 Padres 11-8 +2 G

2 Brewers 7-8


3 Nationals 6-7 0.5 GB

4 Phillies 5-7 1 GB

Projected Finish:

AL East:

1 Yankees

2 Rays

3 Blue Jays

4 Orioles

5 Red Sox

AL Central:

1 Twins

2 White Sox

3 Indians

4 Tigers

5 Royals

AL West:

1 Athletics

2 Astros

3 Rangers

4 Angels

5 Mariners

NL East:

1 Braves

2 Nationals

3 Phillies

4 Mets

5 Marlins

NL Central:

1 Cubs

2 Reds

3 Cardinals

4 Brewers

5 Pirates

AL West:

1 Dodgers

2 Padres

3 Rockies

4 Diamondbacks

5 Giants

Weekly Wrap Up: Will The Season Survive?

It has been a rough start for major league baseball. Questions like “Will they finish the season” and “Is this safe” are becoming more and more common around the baseball world. With outbreaks on three teams, the question today is “Will the season survive?”.

But first, how bad is the outbreak? 18 Marlins players have tested positive, along with 2 Phillies clubhouse members and 4 Cardinals players. It’s not all that bad, though. Although most teams have had someone test positive, it’s not everyone. Plus with a 60 man Taxi Squad, these players are replaceable.

But with COVID-19 mounting around the country, the questions has to be asked. Is it worth it? And while I think that I would give my biased opinion, I am going to try my best not to. So, is it worth it?

As a baseball blogger and someone who thoroughly enjoys watching a game, I would say yes. But to a common person who “likes” baseball, that answer would be no. It all depends on who you ask. To the commissioner of the MLB, Rob Manfred, it is worth it.

And in the end, that’s all that matters. Manfred’s vote is 1 million times more important than yours, mine, or any regular person. So I think that unless it gets really, really bad, the season will still go on.

Playoff Predictions

NL Wild Card: Brewers vs Mets

NL East Top 2: 1. Nationals 2. Braves

NL Central Top 2: 1. Reds 2. Cardinals

NL West Top 2: 1. Dodgers 2. Diamondbacks

AL Wild Card: Indians vs Blue Jays

AL East Top 2: 1. Yankees 2. Rays

AL Central Top 2: 1. Twins 2. White Sox

AL West Top 2: 1. Astros 2. Athletics


NL East:

1. Braves 5-3

2. Marlins 2-1 0.5 GB

3. Nationals 3-4 1.5 GB

4. Phillies 1-2 1.5 GB

5. Mets 3-5 2 GB

NL Central:

1. Cubs 5-2

2. Brewers 3-3 1.5 GB

3. Cardinals 2-3 2 GB

4. Pirates 2-5 3 GB

5. Reds 2-5 3 GB

NL West:

1. Padres 6-2

2. Rockies 4-2 1 GB

3. Dodgers 5-3 1 GB

4. Giants 4-4 2 GB

5. Diamondbacks 3-5 3 GB

AL East:

1. Yankees 5-1

2. Orioles 3-3 2 GB

3. Rays 4-4 2 GB

4. Blue Jays 3-4 2.5 GB

5. Red Sox 3-5 3 GB

AL Central:

1. Twins 5-2

2. Indians 5-3 .5 GB

3. Tigers 5-3 .5 GB

4. White Sox 3-4 2 GB

5. Royals 3-5 2.5 GB

AL West:

1. Astros 5-3

2. Mariners 4-4 0.5 GB

3. A’s 3-4 1 GB

4. Rangers 2-4 1.5 GB

5. Angels 2-6 2.5 GB

Important Website Update

I may have promised a bit too much at the beginning of the season. I realized that I put myself at such a difficult task that left me little time to actually enjoy baseball. I realized that this website isn’t about News, it’s my blog. So with that here’s what’s going to change:

– I will not post daily updates

– I will post weekly updates with just about everything I promised

– I will release one to two other baseball articles per week

– I will make a recommitment to My Personal Blog

Thank you for understanding!

Opening Day Games Preview

Game of the Day

Yankees vs Nationals

Keys for the Yankees:

  • Get the power bats going early. This will make it so that the Nationals’ pitching staff can’t get going early. That’s going to be key if the Yankees want to overcome Scherzer and the Nationals.
  • Gerrit Cole NEEDS to do well, even with Juan Soto out with COVID-19. The Nationals’ lineup still has a LOT of threats such as Howie Kendrick.

Keys for the Nationals:

  • Make up for Juan Soto’s lost production. He’s not going to be able to carry them as he was expected to do, but the Nationals NEED to fill the void that he created in LF. This could involve getting both Adam Eaton and Victor Robles going, but regardless the Nationals need that production.
  • Max Scherzer needs to slow down the Yankees’ lineup. In no world will he be able to shut them down completely, but great pitchers can slow the Yankees down. He will have to last at least 6 innings to make an impact.

Final Score Prediction: Yankees 5 Nationals 3

Backup Game of the Day

Dodgers vs Giants

Keys for the Giants:

  • Hope for a miracle. They have absolutely no offensive production at any position, and Buster Posey has opted out of the season. With no clear player at catcher — or any other position for that matter — the Giants will need some help to win.
  • Johnny Cueto will need to shutdown the Dodgers’ lineup. This is a huge ask for someone who hasn’t been healthy for a full year since 2016, but it’s the Giants’ only shot.

Keys for the Dodgers:

  • The lineup. They have amazing players up and down the lineup, so expect them to produce a lot of runs quickly, and fluster Cueto. Their outfield is downright unfair with Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger!
  • Clayton Kershaw needs to let up fewer than 5 runs. This will be easy for him, and if he does this the Dodgers are almost guaranteed to win.

Final Score Prediction: Dodgers 7 Giants 2

Other Games


2020 Preseason Predictions

Before I get into the article, I just want to let you know that Baseball News Now is back for good for the 2020 baseball season!

Playoff Predictions

Of course, before every season you ALWAYS have to pick who you think will win the playoffs! Here’s my picks! Let me know your picks my commenting!

The Bubble (Which teams are the closest to being in the playoffs that aren’t and which teams that are in the playoffs that are on the brink of getting knocked out): Cubs, Phillies, Cardinals, Brewers, Mets, Diamondbacks

This bubble has a LOT of teams in contention. Coming in on the low side of the bubble are going to be the Cubs, Phillies, and Brewers. All of these teams have big, obvious question marks. The Mets and the Diamondbacks are the next tier, and those two teams could be in contention although they both have smaller questions. The Braves are going to catch a few unlucky breaks before having a mega hot streak at the end of the season to propel them into the number one spot, while the Cardinals will have a quiet season and fall into number 2.

National League Wild Card: Cardinals vs Braves

Oh, how I wanted to include about 3 other teams in this game. It will be a very interesting race to see which two teams ultimately end up with the wild card spots, but the key here is pitching. The Braves and the Cardinals have two young aces in Jack Flaherty and Mike Soroka, but with two aces like this, it comes down to hitting and the Braves certainly can hit. I have the Braves winning here, but expect it to be a close game.

National League Divisional Series: Reds vs Nationals

The Reds have certainly made a turnaround over the offseason, and the Nationals have two super aces on one team. This series has the potential to be a classic, but at the end of the day the Nationals can just get it done with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg. I trust the Nationals’ pitching in this situation.

National League Divisional Series: Dodgers vs Braves

One of the best teams in baseball got even more scary when the Dodgers traded for Mookie Betts. You KNOW that this team is amazing because Betts, a 4x Gold Glove RF, will play CF. The Braves will be straight up overmatched against a far superior team in the Dodgers. The Braves would be lucky if this even got to 4 games.

National League Conference Series: Nationals vs Dodgers

Like I said before, the Dodgers are scary. That’s not going to prevent the Nationals from putting up a fight, although I think that it’s uncertain who is going to step up for the Nationals in a big situation. I love the Dodgers this year, and I think that they’re going to take this series in 6 in front of their home crowd.

The Bubble: White Sox, Indians, Rays, A’s, Blue Jays, Angels

These are the six teams in the American League who all have legitimate shots to make the playoffs — and just as good of a chance to collapse. The Blue Jays and the Angels are barely hanging on to the bubble, and a slow start could prove fatal to their playoff chances. The Indians are going to come in at the fourth best team on the bubble, but that’s only because of their questions and holes around the team. The A’s, the White Sox, and the A’s all have cases and scenarios where they wind up in the playoffs, but I think that the A’s will get off to a slow start. The White Sox will end up in the 2nd Wild Card spot while the Rays will get Number 1 — with the A’s finishing a game or two behind.

American League Wild Card: Rays vs White Sox

This game will be a tale of two pitchers — Lucas Giolito and Charlie Morton — who will do very well. So that leads offense, fielding, and strategy. The Rays best the White Sox or tie with them in every single category, so expect the Rays to take this one at home. Expect it to be close though and don’t get too surprised if the White Sox win. They certainly have the tools to upset the Rays.

American League Divisional Series: Twins vs Astros

These are two teams who can hit exceptionally well. In fact, last year the Twins’ starting lineup had ZERO below average hitters and the Astros had TWO below average hitters. So it comes down to pitching, and that’s where the Astros regressed and the Twins added. The Astros have a scary one-two combo but after that there’s really no one who can take number 3. Meanwhile, the Twins added Kenta Maeda and Rich Hill to a staff that already has Jose Berrios and Jake Odorizzi. Because of this, I am going to take the Twins to win this series, but expect it to go to 5 games.

American League Divisional Series: Yankees vs Rays

No matter how good the Rays may be, the Yankees are just better. No matter how you slice it, the Yankees have a Top 3 pitcher, Top 3 lineup, and a Top 3 bullpen. They were such a scary team last year and this year they get Giancarlo Stanton back? It’s a no brainer — the Yankees win this one in 5. The Rays will be completely overmatched.

American League Conference Series: Yankees vs Twins

Even though the Twins have a case for the best lineup in the MLB, I still think that the Yankees have the best lineup. That, and with the Twins having no true ace, I think that the Yankees will come out on top. Now with that being said, expect the Twins to put up a fight with Nelson Cruz going nuts with 5 HR. This series will go to 6, but again the Yankees are just so powerful.

World Series: Yankees vs Dodgers

This is what everyone has in the World Series, right? Correct, but there’s a reason for that. These teams are just so GOOD. Their offenses are overpowering. Their pitching is outstanding. And they have the right manager for their squad. This could be a World Series for the ages. Both of these teams could sweep the other team or get swept in the same realm of existence. Now, who will actually win between the two? I think that the Dodgers will win with Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger, and Walker Buehler all winning major awards. This WILL GO TO SEVEN GAMES.

Season Standings


1 Yankees

2 Rays

3 Blue Jays

4 Red Sox

5 Orioles


1 Twins

2 White Sox

3 Indians

4 Royals

5 Tigers


1 Astros

2 A’s

3 Angels

4 Rangers

5 Mariners


1 Nationals

2 Braves

3 Mets

4 Phillies

5 Marlins


1 Reds

2 Cardinals

3 Brewers

4 Cubs

5 Pirates


1 Dodgers

2 Diamondbacks

3 Padres

4 Rockies

5 Giants


NL MVP: Ronald Acuna Jr

NL CY YOUNG: Walker Buehler

AL MVP: Alex Bregman

AL CY YOUNG: Gerrit Cole

5 Bold Predictions

5. Justin Verlander will get off to a bad start

This is possible with any pitcher, although with Verlander he’s getting older and the teams in the AL West are getting better.

4. Eugenio Suarez will have an MVP like season

If he gets off to a good start, Suarez can really wreck pitchers. And he only needs to play 60 games? I like his chances.

3. The Cubs will be legitimately not good

The Cubs can be streaky, and they have to actually play the AL Central and the White Sox this year. That, and questions at 2B, CF, RF, and their WHOLE PITCHING LINEUP, will make for a bad year.

2. One Top 5 player is going to get off to a bad start

My prediction for this player would be a hitter, and that hitter would be Anthony Rendon. I know that sounds crazy, but a change in scenery across leagues doesn’t exactly spell success in the first 60 games.

1. The Tigers will be a LOT better than anyone predicted

That’s right, the worst team last year will finish close to .500 this year! Why? Jonathan Schoop and CJ Cron will be huge additions to a lineup that might have breakout players in Niko Goodrum and Miguel Cabrera (again).

Thanks for reading!