The Firing Of Rick Renteria Was A Culmination Of 4 Bad Moments

It may have came as a surprise to many when Rick Hahn announced that Rick Renteria and the White Sox had “mutually” agreed to part ways. It certainly came as a surprise to me, as a White Sox fan, who thought that the Sox wouldn’t have the balls to fire him. However, looking back it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Here are 3 moments (and one game) that led to Rick Renteria getting fired.

#4 Gio Gonzalez Blunder

Many times in a manager’s career will they be faced with a difficult decision to make in a key moment: trust an inconsistent, overpaid starter in a key situation in the 9th inning against a powerful lineup, or go to the best closer in the American League to preserve the game. Unfortunately for Renteria, he chose option one and put in Gio Gonzalez. Jordan Luplow walked him off to end the game.

#3 Jose Ruiz Regret

Do you know what works in the MLB? Putting in an experienced, seasoned reliever when the game is on the line in a crucial situation. One out to go. Bottom of the tenth. Men on first and second. Jose Ramirez, the Indians best hitter, steps to the plate. And who does Renteria put in? Jose Ruiz. That is an inexplicable lapse in judgement that if he had made the right move, frankly if any of these had been the right move, the Sox may have been playing today.

#2 Carlos Rodon Disgrace of a Call

As I was listening to the game, I was thinking “What the heck is this call?”. Rick Renteria had opted to put in Carlos Rodon in the biggest situation, biggest play of the year. It was such an inexplicable, stupid, uneducated decision that cost the White Sox their lead in the AL Central.

Bases loaded with 2 outs in the bottom of the seventh. This is a must win game for the White Sox. Francisco Lindor steps up to the plate. Renteria pulls Jimmy Cordero, and decides to put in Carlos Rodon. The guy who hasn’t pitched in relief since 2015 and had pitched in a combined 42.9 IP in the last years with a 5.74 ERA. Disaster strikes and the Indians drop 4 runs. Game over.

#1 The Whole Game 3

What the heck was that? 9 pitchers in one game is not what I’m mad about, but rather who those pitchers were. For example, Carlos Rodon. What is it with Rick Renteria and Carlos Rodon? Rodon blew it and the Sox lost.

Did Renteria deserve to lose his job? I firmly believe that he was fired over these 4 games, but they were most likely factors. Rather, he had no playoff experience and it showed. If the White Sox are truly going to contend, they need a manager that can take them there and Renteria just isn’t the guy.

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