Baseball News Now Podcast Partners With A Twelve Year Old’s View On The World

Baseball News Now Podcast has OFFICIALLY partnered with a new podcast called “A Twelve Year Old’s View On The World”. I am so proud to announce this because this podcast is AMAZING. It only has one episode, but it makes me want to listen to it on repeat.

What is this podcast? What’s it about? This is a podcast where a 12 year old talks about news, politics, sports, and anything else that pops into his head! This is not in any way affiliated with My Personal Blog, just putting that out there.

There’s going to be episodes 3 times a week, which means pretty much every other day you can listen to a new episode!

Now, where can you listen? I’m going to recommend that you listen on Here’s a link to the specific webpage for his podcast. You can also listen on Spotify if you have that, but anchor is the best way to listen.

If you guys don’t listen then you’re pretty much ignoring life. They are very informative and interesting. A Twelve Year Old’s View On The World will be featured in the next episode of the Baseball News Now Podcast.

Once again, check it out right here.

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