With all of the past events in mind, I have to voice by support for Trevor Bauer and Joe Kelly. Joe Kelly was unfairly suspended for 8 games (later reduced to 5) for enforcing the rules of life. The Astros cheated and they walked away almost scot free. Let’s take a closer look at the Joe Kelly – Astros incident.

Before we get into it, let’s put a bit of context on the story. In 2017 the Astros cheated by stealing their opponents pitching signs, therefore knowing what pitch was coming. They benefited so much by that cheating that they made it to the World Series, cheated, and won. Their opponent? The Dodgers.

The Astros were punished so lightly that some players have made it their personal goal to punish the Astros further. It doesn’t help that Rob Manfred has essentially given the Astros protection from ANY hit by pitches. This is the equivalent of a prison where there are no walls and the guards have no eyes and are 1′ tall.

I can infer that Kelly is a teammate guy who will put the success of the team over his own success. So although he wasn’t on that 2017 team, he backed his teammates up by purposely throwing at Alex Bregman.

The count is 3-0. There’s no one on, the Dodgers are winning 5-2, and it’s the 6th inning. There’s one out. Alex Bregman stands in the batters box. Kelly winds up, fires, and it NEARLY hits Bregman. Some pitchers call this “buzzing the tower” but I would refer to this as “buzzing he cheater”.

Kelly could not get his fastball going as he got Michael Brantley to hit into a fielder’s choice with his offspeed pitch. He then walked Yuli Gurriel and threw a wild pitch where he again Buzzed the Cheater, but this time with Carlos Correa.

He struck out Carlos Correa, and then he mocked Correa. The two exchanged swear words for a while before teammates broke it up.

The worst part is, Kelly was suspended 8 games! He eventually got put on the injured list and his suspension was reduced to 5 games.

Enter Trevor Bauer. He has been an avid supporter of enforcing rules of life (punishing cheaters) so he announced on Twitter that he would be wearing FREE JOE KELLY cleats but he was told by the MLB that he would get ejected. That is the taking away our right to protest! Let the players voice their support of a cause, MLB!

Not enforcing the basic rules of life is to have a 2 year prison sentence for murder.


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