Opening Day Games Preview

Game of the Day

Yankees vs Nationals

Keys for the Yankees:

  • Get the power bats going early. This will make it so that the Nationals’ pitching staff can’t get going early. That’s going to be key if the Yankees want to overcome Scherzer and the Nationals.
  • Gerrit Cole NEEDS to do well, even with Juan Soto out with COVID-19. The Nationals’ lineup still has a LOT of threats such as Howie Kendrick.

Keys for the Nationals:

  • Make up for Juan Soto’s lost production. He’s not going to be able to carry them as he was expected to do, but the Nationals NEED to fill the void that he created in LF. This could involve getting both Adam Eaton and Victor Robles going, but regardless the Nationals need that production.
  • Max Scherzer needs to slow down the Yankees’ lineup. In no world will he be able to shut them down completely, but great pitchers can slow the Yankees down. He will have to last at least 6 innings to make an impact.

Final Score Prediction: Yankees 5 Nationals 3

Backup Game of the Day

Dodgers vs Giants

Keys for the Giants:

  • Hope for a miracle. They have absolutely no offensive production at any position, and Buster Posey has opted out of the season. With no clear player at catcher — or any other position for that matter — the Giants will need some help to win.
  • Johnny Cueto will need to shutdown the Dodgers’ lineup. This is a huge ask for someone who hasn’t been healthy for a full year since 2016, but it’s the Giants’ only shot.

Keys for the Dodgers:

  • The lineup. They have amazing players up and down the lineup, so expect them to produce a lot of runs quickly, and fluster Cueto. Their outfield is downright unfair with Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger!
  • Clayton Kershaw needs to let up fewer than 5 runs. This will be easy for him, and if he does this the Dodgers are almost guaranteed to win.

Final Score Prediction: Dodgers 7 Giants 2

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