What’s To Come From Baseball News Now For The 2020 Baseball Season

I know that I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus writing articles, but that is only because I have been forming ideas and plans on what I will do with Baseball News Now this season! This includes content, features, and more! Read below to find out:

  • Baseball News Now Plus. This might only release with player stats, but it still has over 900 players’ stats!
  • Weekly standings. I will update standings weekly in an article.
  • Daily predictions and recaps. I will choose a “Game of the Day” and predict it, plus the backup “Game of the Day”. I will also write one line about each game as a tiny little preview of that game. I will also write the day’s scores, as well as keep a tally of my predictions! We will have to see how well I do!
  • Weekly playoff predictions. I will predict who I think will make it to the playoffs in each league, as well as predict who’s on “the bubble” (Which teams are the closest to getting in to the playoffs).
  • Weekly “Who’s Hot, Who’s Cold”. I will write about which teams are streaking, and which teams are tanking.
  • More!

It’s going to be a fun baseball season this year!

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