Each Position Ranked By Quality Of Hitting

10. Pitchers

This is the obvious pick here, and with a combined .322 OPS, pitchers just aren’t good at hitting. It’s not what they’re paid to do.

9. Catchers

See my article on Why Catchers are Bad At Hitting

8. Second Baseman

This surprised me a bit, but the more that you think about it the more it makes sense. Try to think about a great hitting 2B and don’t say Keston Hiura.

7. Center Fielders

Another position that focuses mainly on defense, CF only had a combined .747 OPS. There are some obvious exceptions like, um, Mike Trout.

6. Shortstops

This generation of SS is probably the most powerful that we’ve seen — although it’s not on par with some of the higher positions.

5. Designated Hitters

This is the most surprising pick, although DHs combined for a .782 OPS. It makes sense a little, as teams put their worst fielders here and those players aren’t necessarily the team’s best hitters.

4. Left Field

This makes sense as left fielders don’t focus on defense too much. The best hitting LF in the game, Juan Soto carries the left fielders.

3. Third Basemen

This is the position of the future — Vladdy Jr and Nolan Arenado —so naturally they’re good at hitting.

2. Right Fielders

With an .800 OPS, RF are really good at hitting. There is no need to focus on fielding, so that leaves stars like Cody Bellinger, Aaron Judge, and Mookie Betts to dominate pitchers.

1. First Basemen

This is pretty obvious. I mean is there any position that focuses more on hitting?

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