What To Know About The 2020 MLB Season

Finally! After weeks of failing negotiations, Rob Manfred finally used his power for good! We have an MLB baseball season! But obviously a lot of things will have to be different. Read below to find out.

Universal Designated Hitter

Some people won’t take this well, put there will be a DH in the National League in 2020. This will strongly benefit teams like the Rockies who have players like Daniel Murphy or Ian Desmond. This could have been put into place because of the new schedule.

It will be a 60 game season

This is obvious, it’s what the owners wanted so Rob Manfred gave it to them.

The Schedule is going to be a lot different

Obviously with concerns of COVID-19, teams want to do as little traveling as possible. So the MLB set the schedule to look a little something like this:

  • 10 games against each team in the division
  • 4 games against each team in the opposite division (example: AL Central plays NL Central)
  • If there is an interleague rivalry (such as Cubs v White Sox or Yankees v Mets) that fits into the opposite division, then teams will play 6 games against their rival

This solution adds as little traveling as possible.

Each Extra Inning Will Start With A Man On Second Base

Now this one is to end the game quicker, however this rule has been in the minor leagues for the past 2 years. The runner on base will be the last person in the batting order, so no putting Billy Hamilton or Mallex Smith purposely on base.

Rain Games

Games that are stopped before the 5th inning will be considered suspended games that will be continued at a later date.

There Will Be No Minor Leagues

Instead, teams will be able to have 60 man active list instead of the usual 40 man roster. The players on the 60 man list but not on the active roster will be on the “taxi squad”. Three players from the taxi squad will go to games with the active roster, and one of those players must be a catcher.

Other Roster And Transactions Rules

  • Trade deadline will be August 31
  • The roster freeze where no moves could be made ends Friday at 12:00 PM EST.
  • Allowed number of people on the active roster will change like this:

– 30 players for the first two weeks

– 28 players the next two weeks

– 26 players the rest of the way

  • The IL for pitchers will remain at 10 days

Spitting Sunflower Seeds Will Be Prohibited

In fact any spitting for the matter is prohibited; however smokeless tobacco and gum are allowed.

Charging The Mound Will Be “Severly Punished”

As if it wasn’t already.

And of course, the start date is July 24. Spring Training will start July 1.

Regardless of all of those rule changes, WE’VE GOT AN MLB SEASON!

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