Why I Hate Yuli Gurriel

Baseball should be known as an inclusive game. In other words, people shouldn’t be mocked for being of a different race. That goes with all of life, and with the recent Social Justice movements, today I’m going to write about something that Yuli Gurriel did that can never be forgiven.

The date is October 27, 2017. We’re in game 3 of a world series that is currently tied at one a piece between the Astros and the Dodgers. Yu Darvish gets the start for the Dodgers, while Lance McCullers Jr gets the start for the Astros. Whoever wins this game will have a huge advantage in the World Series, so naturally tensions are high.

Lance McCullers handles the top of the first with a 1-2-3 inning, while Darvish lets up a leadoff double to George Springer although nothing comes out of it. In the top of the second, Logan Forsythe singles and then steals second, but Austin Barnes grounds out to end the inning.

So then Yuli Gurriel comes up for the Astros. Tensions are high, the game is tied, and it’s the World Series. So when Gurriel blasted a 2-1 pitch from Yu Darvish to take the lead, it’s best just to go around the bases and try not to show any emotion. But Gurriel did something different.

Gurriel, who was born in Cuba, mocked Darvish (who is Japenese) when he got into the dugout. I’m not even going to describe it, but if you must know the details of what happened, here is a link to YouTube.

Yuli Gurriel is an insensitive human being. He apologized to the people who he offended. He made excuses in his apology. He wasn’t sorry.

This has no place in our game.

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