Wait… Will The MLB Season Definitely Happen?

The MLB season will most likely happen. Because of the MLBPA’s statement of “we just want to play”, there is plenty of hope that the season WILL happen. But what does that mean, and when and where will the season happen?

A 90+ game season is out of the question at this point. The MLBPA and the Owners have stalled too much. And the season will likely start from July 4-July 18. A July 4 start could possibly be 81-85 games, while a start on July 18 could mean 60-65 games.

A part of the March agreement states that Rob Manfred has the power to implement a season of no deal is made. That could mean a 50 game season if no deal is made. This also reinforces the idea that there will be an MLB season in 2020.

With all of this being said, a deal now would likely consist of:

  • 60-85 games
  • no fans
  • players get full prorated salaries
  • expanded playoffs

But then of course, there’s the worst case scenario that Rob Manfred has to implement a season. That deal would likely consist of:

  • 50-55 games
  • no fans
  • minor pay cut for the players
  • super expanded playoffs

At this point, I would give the 2020 MLB season a 95% chance of happening. Thank you, and I hope that the season happens!

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