Ranking Pitchers Who Have Thrown A Perfect Game

Note: This is only in the Modern Era

21. Philip Humber

Could there have been a more obvious choice? He had a career 0.9 WAR! That, and he had a 5.31 career ERA.

20. Dallas Braden

It was a nice story of how he threw a perfect game with his grandmother watching, but he did have a career 5.0 WAR. He also had a career record of 26-36 with a career 4.16 ERA.

19. Charlie Robertson

In one of the most forgettable Perfect Games of all time, Robertson got pretty lucky. He had a career 6.4 WAR with a 49-80 record and a 4.44 ERA.

18. Len Barker

Now that we’ve gotten out of the horrible pitchers, Len Barker was an okay pitcher. He had a career 12.6 WAR with a 4.34 ERA

17. Tom Browning

Even though he had 123 career wins, he deserved less. A career 19.8 WAR doesn’t vouch for him.

16. Don Larsen

Larsen only goes ahead of Browning because of the Perfect Game being thrown in the World Series. He had a career 18.4 WAR with an 81-91 record.

15. Mike Witt

With a career 21.6 WAR, I forgot that Witt even threw a Perfect Game. He did go 117-116 with a 3.83 career ERA.

14. Matt Cain

Even though Cain was good, there are just too many good pitchrs who have thrown a perfect game. He had a career 29.1 WAR with a 3.68 ERA.

13. Catfish Hunter

With a name like Catfish, how could I not rank him higher? A 40.9 WAR with 224 career wins tell me I should, but pitchers are good.

12. Addie Joss

The second pitcher to ever throw a perfect game, Joss has a career 45.4 WAR with a career 1.89 ERA.

11. Dennis Martinez

A career 48.7 WAR and a career 3.70 ERA does make him in the top 55% of all pitcher to have thrown a perfect game.

10. Kenny Rogers

A career 50.5 WAR is good, but that career 4.27 ERA doesn’t agree. I’ll rank him in the top 10 regardless.

9. David Wells

The first of the 2 people named David to throw a perfect game, Wells went 239-157 with a career 53.5 WAR.

8. Felix Hernandez

The only pitcher that has thrown a perfect game that’s still active, Hernandez has a career 50.1 WAR and a Cy Young award under his belt.

7. Jim Bunning

Honestly, I forget about Bunning. He has a career 59.5 WAR with a 224-184 record and a 3.27 ERA.

6. Mark Buerhle

With a career 59.1 WAR and a career 3.81 ERA, he has a good case for the hall of fame. He barely misses out on the top 5.

5. David Cone

He takes part responsibility of the Steroid Era (long story), but he also has a career 62.3 WAR and a career 3.46 ERA.

4. Roy Halladay

It was really tragic when he passed, and may his legacy live on. That being said, he had a career 64.2 WAR and a 3.38 ERA.

3. Sandy Koufax

A career cut short, Koufax had a career 48.9 WAR in only 11 years. Give him more time, and he’s better than the competition.

2. Randy Johnson

The Big Unit, Johnson was one of the most dominating pitchers of all time. His career 101.1 WAR backs it up.

1. Cy Young

He has an award named after him. Do I need to say anything else?

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