If Fielding Didn’t Matter: Nicholas Castellanos

Nicholas Castellanos has long been the worst fielding RF in the game. With the combination of playing lazily and just not knowing the game, Castellanos does it all from horrendous errors to not making a catch that 99.9% of all human beings on earth could catch. But what makes him so bad?

Castellanos has long hurt his team through the field. According to Fangraphs, he has never even had an average year fielding. In 2019 alone, he had a -12.6 Defensive Rating on Fangraphs. Defensive Rating adjusts so that the league average is 0, 15 is an elite defender, and -15 is one of the worst defenders in the league. So has Nick Castellanos ever been lower than -15?

As it turns out, yes he has. In 2018, Castellanos had a -20.7 DR. His Offense made up for it with a 27.2 Offensive Rating, but he hurt his team quite a bit in the field.

Doubles are a huge part of Castellanos’s game. He hit 58 of them in 615 AB in 2019. In other words, he hit a 2B about 8.7% of the time! He also hits a good deal of HR, as he had 27 of them in 2019. So his offensive production is keeping him in the lineup, but why is he not playing DH?

With the Tigers, Castellanos couldn’t play DH because the Tigers’ DH is Miguel Cabrera, who is too old to play the field. He’s already at the easiest position, so no moving to RF. He was traded to the Cubs halfway through the year, and the Cubs are in the National League. He signed with the Reds in the offseason, another NL team.

If only fielding didn’t matter. But it does, and Nick Castellanos will forever be remembered as a horrible fielder.

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