If Fielding Didn’t Matter: Jesse Winker

Winker has been one of the best offensive producers for a couple of years now, and while he hasn’t been able to stay completely healthy, he helped his team on offense. Just not on defense.

In 2018, Winker slashed .299/.405/.431 with 7 HR in 281 AB. That was good for an OPS+ of 125 in a hitter friendly ballpark. He walked more than he struck out and brought horrible defensive production to whatever position he played. And that’s the problem. He plays some of the easiest positions on the field. In fact, in only 89 games Winker had a Defensive Rating of -11.0.

In 2019, Winker improved defensively but wasn’t as good offensively. He still slashed .269/.357/.473 with 16 HR, but it didn’t make up for his still lackluster defense.

And of course, Winker is joining forces with the terrible fielder Nicholas Castellanos to make the unstoppable force. They are making the Reds the worst defensive team in the league. The Reds will have Castellanos in RF, Winker in LF, and Shogo Akiyama, a good fielder in CF.

If only fielding didn’t matter.

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