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A Strong Finish to the Season, Predictions for the Playoffs

The bracket is set, and we have a fun playoffs in store.

Pete Alonso Makes History

With 2 games left, and nothing to play for, Pete Alonso still tried. And he succeeded. He broke the record that Aaron Judge set in 2017 for HR’s in a single season for a rookie. On a 2-1 count with Mike Foltyynewicz pitching, Pete Alonso sent a shot to right-center field to break the record. “It was a just magical moment,” said Alonso on the home run. Alonso went 1-3 on the game with an RBI and a run. Alonso all said, ”For my entire life I’ve only wanted to be a baseball player. I didn’t have a Plan B. For hard work, determination and for all that pay off, it just showed everybody that I’m a good big league baseball player and this is all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

Joe Maddon will not be with the Cubs For 2020

Theo Epstein announced Sunday that Joe Maddon’s contract will not be renewed. Maddon won with the World Series in 2016, and made the playoffs from 2015-2018. “Sometimes it’s time, and it’s just time for change,”Epstein said. David Ross is the favorite to land the job, as he has a close relation with the Cubs. Teams that are interested in Maddon are the Padres, Mets, and Phillies. “It will be great for all of us,” said Epstein.

Dodgers set Franchise Record

The Los Angeles Dodgers have set a franchise record with 106 wins, surpassing the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers with the franchise mark. The Dodgers pounded the Giants 9-0 at Oracle Park, both teams’ last game of the year.

Cardinals Clinch the NL Central

The Cardinals have clinched the NL Central with a 9-0 pounding of the Cubs at Busch Stadium. This is the Cardinal’s first NL Central title since 2015, when they got eliminated in the NLDS by the Cubs. The Cardinal’s next game is versus Atlanta in the playoffs, in a best of 5 series. Last year the Cardinals missed the playoffs. The win eliminated the Brewers from NL Central contention.

Playoff Bracket is Set and Predictions


Wild Card: Brewers at Nationals 8:08 ET

NLDS: Wild Card Winner at Dodgers

NLDS: Cardinals at Braves

NLCS: Cardinals/Braves vs Wild Card Winner/Dodgers


Wild Card: Rays at A’s 8:09 ET

ALDS: Wild Card Winner at Astros

ALDS: Twins at Yankees

ALCS: Twins/Yankees vs Wild Card Winner/Astros

World Series:

AL Winner vs NL Winner



Wild Card: Brewers at Nationals [Brewers]

NLDS: Brewers at Dodgers [Dodgers]

NLDS: Cardinals at Braves [Braves]

NLCS: Braves at Dodgers [Braves]


Wild Card: Rays at A’s [Rays]

ALDS: Rays at Astros [Astros]

ALDS: Twins at Yankees [Yankees]

ALCS: Yankees at Astros [Yankees]

World Series-

WS: Braves at Yankees [Yankees]

A wild 2019 season has finished the regular season, and here comes the best part. The playoffs. This is where miracles happen. Some playoff articles are:

Is the Playoff Format Okay?

My answer is yes. Although the wild card might not be the best format for the players, it is for the fans. It gathers interest because it is win or go home, which creates suspense. This creates more fans, and baseball needs more fans. I like the Divisional Series, and I like the 5 game series because it is not the best playing the best. In the League Finals (Conference Series) the 7 game series is best because the teams that play are proven, and most of the time it will go to 6 or 7 games. The World Series is never under question and should stay as is.

American League Wildness

Before the season pretty much everyone had the Red Sox and the Indians making the playoffs, and what happened? They didn’t See this is what I love about baseball. The surprises. Wildness. Madness. It’s amazing to watch, and at the beginning of the season, remember to buckle up. The Indians finished 93-69, a disappointing finish. But the real surprise was the Twins. They finished 101-61, an amazing finish. The Red Sox were disappointing, finishing 84-78. They finished 12 GB from the AL Wild Card. Watch out for a Downfall of the Red Sox article coming soon! The Rays surprised with 96 wins, and they made the playoffs for the first time since 2013. Another thing is that the Tigers are the worst team this year, by far.

Welcome to the Playoffs 2019!

This should be a very exciting finish, and stay tuned for more analysis and fun stuff like that. Buckle up for madness!!!

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