Simple Ideas To Speed Up Baseball

Baseball is slow. There’s no getting around it. Baseball has been over 3 hours since 2016. 50 years ago in 1970, the game was 2:34 long. That means that baseball is 36 minutes longer than it was 50 years ago. Baseball has slowed down, and there’s no denying it. But are there things that we can do to stop it?

Idea 1: Pitch Clock

It has been in effect in the MLB for a bit now, but there are no consequences if a pitcher violates the pitch clock. It’s already in effect in AA and AA.

Idea 2: Reduce Comercial Breaks

This will just downright reduce the time of game. A good portion of that time is spent in commercials.

Idea 3: Reduce The Game’s Down Time

A lot of the game’s time is wasted during down time, or when the fielders are just standing around, waiting. We can reduce that by implementing the pitch clock.

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