What Are The Most Useless Stats in Baseball?

Ever since Billy Beane and Moneyball, sabermetrics have had more of all role in how organizations or fans judge a player. One of the key points in Moneyball is that there are some stats that are just downright horrible, like RBI and AVG. So that’s the question that I’m going to be answering today, what are the most useless stats in baseball?


Another point in Moneyball was that a walk is just about as good as a single. Batting average just judges by hits, not by any walks. A player like Yasmani Grandal or Josh Donaldson

doesn’t look too good judged by average. There are some stats like average that are better than it, like wOBA and OBP.


This stat really just measures team success. How is a player going to drive in runs if nobody is on base? You’ll usually find players that are on good teams dominating this stat. Players like Joe Carter can have really bad years and finish with 115 RBI.

W-L Record

Can there be a worse stat? AVG and RBIs generally tell you if the player is good or not, but W-L for pitchers does not. In 2018, Lucas Giolito was the worst pitcher in the league. He had a -1.0 rWAR (WAR according to Baseball-Reference)! Jacob deGrom was the best pitcher in the league in 2018. He had a 1.70 ERA with a 218 ERA+. Both of these pitchers had 10 wins. W-L is a messed up stat.

Those 3 stats are the big 3, but other stats like SV and RA9 are also pretty messed up. As always, please share, and I hope you enjoyed!

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