Should the MLB Broadcast Games Free Of Charge?

As of late, more teams have been moving to paid streaming services. It’s now harder than ever to watch your favorite team live on TV. While some fans think of it as a rip off, teams and owners see it as a way to make money. But with both sides at dispute and only one side able to make the calls, the fans are going to be angry. So I decided to answer the question of “should the MLB broadcast games free of charge”?

The first thing to know is that I’m trying not to have a biased opinion. Of course, I would love it if the MLB broadcasted games free of charge. But the questions says should, not would I like to have.

Baseball is at a low point. Since the fallout of the steroid scandal, fans have stopped coming to games. Baseball has tried everything to try to speed up the game, but all of the MLB’s efforts have failed. And it’s sad that it is inevitable that the game will get slower and slower. So the MLB needs to market in other ways.

I do know one thing that would make baseball more popular. Two, actually. Start the season and broadcast the games free of charge. The MLB has always said that they want to make baseball more popular, but that’s not going to happen unless they broadcast every MLB game free of charge.

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