When Will the MLB Season Return?

With so much speculation on when the season will return, I decided to write the definitive “When will the season return?” article.

The first thing to know is that we’ve gone through some deals. At first it was the 81 game deal that we all thought would happen. And then it was the 114 game deal that had no chance of working. And finally, it was the 50 game deal that the owners are thinking of implementing if no deal is made.

Both sides have a very different idea of how the season would look. But more importantly, each side has a different idea on how salaries would look. The players want full salaries, but the owners want to cut the players’ salaries. This creates tension, and that’s not good. Because of this tension between the owners and the players, this dispute could go on farther than just the 2020 season.

But some good news is that the season will still likely happen. We just don’t not how, or even where.

The season will likely take place in the team’s home stadiums, although fans are not likely to be at games. That excludes Tigers and Orioles fans, as their stadiums are usually social distanced anyway.

The season will likely consist of:

  • 65-81 games
  • No fans
  • Half salaries
  • Frequent doubleheaders
  • Testing every day
  • Starts July 1-July 21

Although this seems likely, there are still a few more possibilities. For example, the season could start a bit earlier than July 1. There might not be testing every day. But in general, this is a plan that might satisfy both sides. That’s why I think that this plan will be accepted by the other side than the side proposing it.

Thank you for reading!

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