Position Difficulty Rankings

Here are the official position difficulty rankings:

9. DH

No fielding means no difficulty.

8. RF

Only lefties hit it to right field, and it’s pretty easy when they do. Unless the player is Nicholas Castellanos, this position is a cake walk.

7. 1B

All you do you catch the ball, and once or twice field a ground ball. This requires no arm whatsoever.

6. LF

All there is to it is RF + a little extra speed. Only Jesse Winker is capable of screwing up a play in LF.

5. 2B

A middle infield position, 2B is what 1B can’t be. You actually have to be able to field, and with a little bit of an arm too.

4. 3B

Unless the player is Vladmir Guerrero Jr, this position is easy to master after work. Just an arm plus 2B skills will make this position a piece of cake.

3. CF

You have to have some speed, range, instincts, and catching skills. Kevin Kiermaier and Billy Hamilton are the premier CFs.

2. SS

This is the leader of the infield, plus a center fielder’s skillset. Andrelton Simmons is the best defensive SS in the league.

1. C

Could there be a more obvious pick? The leader of the team who has the interact on every pitch, a catcher also has to field just as much as a CF!

Hope you enjoyed!

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