Derek Jeter is the Most Overated Player of All Time

Derek Jeter, while legendary, is incredibly overated. And the numbers show it.

Derek Jeter was elected to the Hall Of Fame with 99.7% of the vote. He was about as close to unanamous as it gets. And yes, I know that he was a great leader.

When Derek Jeter was in his playing career, what was he known for? A great hitting SS? He had a career 115 OPS+. He was 15% better than the average hitter for his career. You look at that and you tell me if he was an amazing hitter or not.

In his career, Jeter was awarded 5 Gold Gloves. That is very misleading, because the modern analytics show that Jeter was the worst fielding SS of all time. That’s crazy.

And being clutch wasn’t Derek’s thing either, because he was only 0.02% better than he was in the regular season. In 2005, Derek Jeter won the gold glove. He had a -1.8 dWAR. Again, he was such an overated fielder.

Alright, I get that he played in 20 years. That should explain his career WAR.

Using the Derek Jeter hall of fame logic, Jose Abreu, will be being inducted in 10 years. Abreu is a better fielder, he’s a clubhouse leader, has a better career OPS+ than Jeter, and I would even argue that he’s a better player all around.

So don’t fall into the Jeter bandwagon, because Derek Jeter is the most overated baseball player of all time. Read that again.

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