RBI Baseball 20 Mobile Review: It’s Not Good Until You’ve tried the Other Options

RBI Baseball 20 is a mobile and console game that runs on platforms such as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, iPad, and iPhone.

When I am looking for a baseball video game for my iPhone or iPad, I will mostly just find pay to win Ultimate Team games. But when I scroll down further, I see another game that isn’t a pay to win Ultimate Team. It’s RBI Baseball 20.

Straight out of the box, RBI Baseball 20 features 3 game modes which are Play Now, Postseason, and Franchise. Play Now doesn’t do much for me, and I mainly just play postseason and franchise to play baseball. When I call it franchise mode, that is sort of an over statement. Because there’s nothing to do except play games. All it really is, is Play Now with a schedule.

But enough with me being critical about the game, let’s look at some positives. First of all, the game isn’t meant to be deep. It’s meant to be an arcade baseball game. It fits that description very well. The gameplay is fun, and it makes you want to play the game again. Postseason is a cool mode that I would’ve never thought of. This mobile game is a straight up console game.

My only real problem with the game is it constantly crashes, and, well, it’s a tad pricy at $6.99.

I would say that while this game is an improvement over RBI 19, unless you have a gift card, this game is a swing and a miss.

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