My Plans For My Website Going Forward 2

When I started this website/blog, I thought that I would be appealing to a bigger crowd. I’ve soon discovered that I’m not. So in attempt to get my website popular, I am going to do something big for the website.

If you are reading this (only 3-5 people will) then you probably have seen some of my other articles. And for that I thank you, but it’s hard to write when I know that 3-5 people will see it. Again, back to my point. I need to get my website more popular for me to have an incentive to actually write. I enjoy to write, but it’s hard to write with my limited audience.

I am going to make 3 changes to my website. The first, and biggest, will be the addition of social media. The second will be more articles. The third will be a big risk for me, but I am going to invest in my website to put my website higher on internet searches.

If you are reading this, I thank you.

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