The Coronavirus and Baseball, Here’s How the Virus can Affect the MLB, and a Coronavirus Update

Obviously nobody can ignore the coronavirus. It has taken the world by storm, and not in a pleasant way either. Over 3,500 people have died so far, and over 100,000 people have been infected. There has been over 500 cases in the USA. Of course it’s going to cause panic. But should we, and the MLB, panic?

The epicenter of the epidemic is Wuhan, China. It originated at an illegal fish market, and it as now spread to 80 different countries. The NBA has taken precautions. So has the NHL. But the MLB, surprisingly, has not. The Japanese baseball league now does not allow fans in the stadiums. If that happened in the MLB, what would happen?

Even I have to admit that baseball isn’t popular anymore. The glory days are gone. The popularity dropped after 1919, 1981, 1994, and the steroid scandal. Of course, if baseball is unpopular already, not allowing fans to the game would just make it worse. From what I know Rob Manfred won’t do anything until absolutely necessary. Right now he’s in hot water with the public, and if he makes the wrong decision here, his popularity will hit an all-time low.

This isn’t all about Manfred, though. It’s about safety. And here’s how you can stay safe:

Wash your hands

Of course you should already be doing this. But just in case. Wash your hands for 20 seconds, and a good way to time that is to sing “Happy Birthday” twice.

Don’t touch your face

The virus spreads through tiny droplets, like sweat, and where would you find that? On your face. Plus, don’t be disgusting.

If you are sick, take a day off

You’ve earned it! Take the time off to make sure that you don’t have the virus. Would you rather use one of your precious sick days or have the Coronavirus?

If you have difficulty breathing and the flu symptoms, call a doctor

Difficulty breathing is a key part of the Coronavirus. If you have that, plus the flu, quarantine yourself, and then call a doctor.

Don’t panic

Remember to not panic. Just because you have a common cold does NOT mean that you have the Coronavirus.

Together, the MLB and us can fight the Coronavirus.

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