MLB Today 3/9/2020

I work a lot with stats, and one thing that I have discovered is that people with a high OBP-BA generally have a lower batting average. Now I can see why that is, and you probably can too. But, if you look closer, you see that the doughnut hole isn’t a hole, but another doughnut. -Knives Out

In my master spreadsheet that I am creating, I have done 15 teams. That’s half of the MLB. And I ran OBP-BA, which will be from now on be called OBA, through my computer, and I found that 20 players have an OBA > .100. Now of those 20, 10 had an AVG <.250. And of those 10, 8 had an AVG <.225.

So we now go back to the main 20, and we can see that 40% of people with an OBA >.100 have an AVG <.225.

in my experience, catchers have a very low AVG. But they do have a high OBP. Which leads me to the question, of those 20 players, how many are catchers? As it turns out, 5 are catchers. That means that 25% of the >.100 OBA group are catchers, and 33.3% of teams have a catcher with an OBA of >.100. Let’s take a breather real fast.

I also saw that of those 20, 4 were 3B, 2 were RF, 4 were 1B, 1 was 2B, 2 were SS, and 2 were CF. Of course, I still have 15 more teams left. So a lot more work on my end.

Coronavirus Update

Like the NHL and NBA, the MLB has just placed restrictions on locker room access due to the Coronavirus. The MLB has made no restrictions on fans coming to the games, and Spring Training goes on as usual. The Japanese league has postponed the start of the regular season due to the Coronavirus. The death toll is now at 4,009.

Member’s Exclusive Area Update

The member’s exclusive area is set to launch on Opening Day, if possible. The area will consist of all player stats, power ratings, age charts, and more exclusive stats that I don’t release to the public. Gain access by becoming a member by April 3. Also, a merch shop is open on my website! Buy merch with the Baseball News Now logo!

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