The Rise and Fall of Daniel Palka

A tall, big, hard swinging person by the name of Daniel Palka took the MLB by storm in 2018 with his big, long swing, and his unlikely story. Dropped, traded, and then 27 home runs, this is the rise, and then the fall of Daniel Palka.

Drafted by the Phillies in the 2010 MLB Draft in the 19th round, Palka didn’t sign, and he enrolled in Georgia Institute of Technology. After his Senior year he was was drafted in the 3rdround by the Diamondbacks, and this time he did sign.

Palka started in rookie ball, and made his way up to A- by the end of 2013. In 2014 he spent his whole year in A ball, playing 118 games while slugging 22 home runs. In 2015 he moved up to high A ball, and he hit 29 home runs. He stole 24 bases, and he was super fast. In the offseason of 2015-16, Daniel Palka was traded to the Twins for Chris Hermann. Both would end up in the major leagues. He started out 2016 in AA, and he moved up to AAA by the end of the year. He hit 34 total home runs, and he stole 9 bases. He was slowly moving up, but in the offseason after the 2017 season, Palka was cut by the Twins. The White Sox signed him, and in 2018 Palka started out in AAA. After 17 games in AAA, Palka was called up to the major leagues.

2018 was a great year for Palka. In 417 AB, Palka hit 27 home runs while hitting .240. His swing was what made him interesting. He had a huge load, generating a ton of power, and then he would swing as hard as he could. Because of this, he struck out a lot.

Palka had a lot of expectations coming in to the 2019 season. He was set to be the full time RF, and the White Sox were going to have their first .500 year since 2013.

Through September 3, Palka had 45 at bats. He had 1 hit. ONE. From September 3 to September 29, he went 8-49. That’s a .163 average. No wonder Palka was so bad! He had a .107 AVG on the year, and he had lost his job. Now he has no future in the MLB, and he is 4th on the depth chart. Even Ryan Cordell is ahead of him. Take that, Palka.

Morale of the story, swing big, but be prepared for a miss.

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