New MLB News: The Punishment, Beltran, and more

The punishment has come out, and Carlos Beltran was fired, and more!

The Astros Scandal Punishment

The Astros were fined a record $5,000,000, they were pretty much forced to fire their manager and GM, and they lost draft picks. And that was just them. We still haven’t heard the punishment for the Red Sox, and we still haven’t heard if any team is willing to take a chance on Carlos Beltran. But it is enough? First, the draft picks.

Mike Trout was drafted. So was Clayton Kershaw. One thing in common, they were drafted in the first round. The Astros lost 1st and 2nd round draft picks for 2 years straight. At first thought, you think, that’s not enough. But then just look at what players have been drafted in the later rounds of the draft, and you will see that really no one was drafted that late. So this is the MLB punishing the Astros’ future.

Second, the fine. This is an MLB record fine, and it is the largest allowed fine. It is the cost of an underpaid decent player, and if you would want to win a World Series, then you will be willing to pay $5,000,000. But I see it as an addition so that no criticism comes through about the MLB. Just sayin’.

Third and most importantly, the manager and GM being suspended, and then promptly fired. One hour after the punishment came out, both AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow were fired. This is because the Astros did not want to give off a bad look, and they did not want to have a manager be suspended for a season. The problem with Hinch being suspended is that he did not want to have anything to do with the scandal, in factm on multiple occasions he destroyed the camera. But it is the rule, and who is Rob Manfred to the law?

Fair? No. Is there anything more the MLB could have done? No. Will this be a sign of things to come? Yes.

The Cora Factor and the Red Sox

Alex Cora should be banned from baseball. He caused 2 dishonest World Series’s, and he was the ringleader in both. He is the man that has rocked baseball, shocked fans, and angered so many. And I because of this and one more thing, the Red Sox will get a steeper punishment. Let’s talk about why.

First, Cora. He should have known better. Honestly, this is pretty self explanatory. So on to number 2.

This isn’t the Red Sox’s first offense, you know. It’s their second. And that’s why the penalty will be a lot steeper. In a series against the Yankees in 2017, the Red Six stole signs with an Apple Watch with a man on second base. The person with the Apple Watch would receive a text, and they would signal to a player, who would signal to the batter. It showed, as the Red Sox went 6-8 with a guy on second. A second offense? Oh, boy. Not only did they win a World Series like the Astros, they also cheated for a second time. That’s tough. It’s a blow to the face. It’s darn bad.

The White Sox Cheated in the 1980’s

I really do hate to do this, but they did. At least Jack McDowell said they did. But assuming it’s true, they used a camera to steal signs. But then again, McDowell never actually played under the alleged sign stealer, Tony LaRussa. He was fired by “GM” Hawk Harrelson, and maybe the cheating is why. Just a theory, that has a 99% to be wrong.

Carlos Beltran out as Mets Manager

Before 1 big league game as manager, Carlos Beltran has already been fired. Why? Cheating. He was the only player named in Rob Manfred’s brief on the Astros scandal, and that’s big. After all, it was him and Cora that came up with the system. The Mets definitely did the right thing, and if they didn’t fire Beltran, they would be under heat from fans and reporters alike. The Beltran era is over, even before it started.

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