Top 3 of the Greatest Plays of ALL TIME!

Top 3 Ranking of Greatest Plays of ALL TIME

3. The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

Overview: And what a great play it was. The reason that it isn’t higher is that the team didn’t go on to win the World Series because of it, and a scandal surfaced 50 years later. It was claimed that the Giants had used a camera to steal signs, much like the Astros did.

Claim to be Number 1: The Giants were as many as 13 games back, and they were 3 runs down in the bottom of the ninth! And then a walk off on the first nationally televised game.

Fun Fact: Willie Mays was on deck.

2. The Catch

Overview: Willie Mays clearly made the greatest catch of all time, and he made it with such a magnificent throw! The reason that it is not number 1 is that it didn’t win the Giants a World Series, it was just the play itself that made it so great,

Claim to be Number 1: This play is just so unmatched, and it could never happen today. It was just such a show of athleticism, and it showed us that Mays would be a great one.

Fun Fact: Larry Doby was on second, and he was the first African-American player in the AL.

1. The Called Shot

Overview: Babe Ruth called his shot. It’s pretty simple, actually. He was angered at the Cubs, and he made them pay. Keep in mind the Cubs wouldn’t win a World Series after this season (they didn’t win this season, they last won in 1908) until 87 years later. So how’s that feel?

Claim to be Number 1: Babe Ruth said that he would hit a home run, and he did. Not a short one either. The fact remains that he could hit a home run whenever he wanted. That’s amazing.

Fun Fact: There is still debate wether Ruth pointed at Charlie Root or CF, even though he said that he pointed to CF!

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