The Rise From the Dead; The White Sox

“Wait until next year” is the phrase that White Sox fans have been using for the past 10 years. And in 2020, I’m pretty confident that it is next year. This is the year. This is our year. This is our time to shine.

It’s 2008. The White Sox have just been eliminated from the playoffs after “The Blackout Game”, and the Sox are given a choice. Rebuild, or stay as they are. Although the decision seemed right at the time, it has affected the Sox, even 11 years later. They chose to stay as they were. And because of it, the White Sox haven’t made the playoffs since then

Now it’s present day. On paper, this team works out. At 1B, Jose Abreu. At 2B Nick Madrigal, at 3B Yoan Moncada, and at SS Tim Anderson. Abreu hit 123 RBIs last year, and he led the AL, Madrigal is a top prospect, and Moncada is a rising star who hit .315 last year. Tim Anderson, yeah, he won the MLB Batting Crown! In the outfield there’s LF Eloy Jimenez who was a star rookie, there is Leury Garcia who was one the league’s best leadoff men, and then there’s RF, which is a question. The White Sox might get a RF free agent. At C, there’s James McCann and Yasmani Grandal, McCann was an all star last year, and Grandal was a huge free agent signing. One of them probably will play DH. The pitchers are Lucas Giolito who was 11-3 at the break, Reynaldo Lopez who was a standout prospect a few years ago, Ivan Nova who is very experienced, and Dylan Cease who is a top prospect.

Obviously, this team is great on paper. But how will they play on the field? They went 72-89 last year, so what makes me think that they’ll be good this year? Easy. Experience. Experience is everything in the MLB, and the more the better. I think that with the addition of Grandal, things will come together.

The real question mark is pitching. Although Giolito went 11-3 at the breal, he finished 14-9. How would one know if his 2020 year will be like 2019 part 1 or 2? And then Lopez, he was horrible last year! Nova hasn’t had a winning record in years, and Cease got blown up in his MLB Debut.

This can either go two ways: it all comes together, or it all falls apart. I think that it will come together, and I will try to explain to you why.

Even though the pitching is a question mark, the hitting is amazing! It’s the best it has been in years, with a ferocious attack led by Tim Anderson and Yoan Moncada. Nik Madrigal is a rising star, Jose Abreu has tons of experience, and Jimenez is a star in the making.

If hitting doesn’t do well, though, as proven by the Cubs, the pitching is left to fend for itself. And that’s not always good.

Prove me wrong. Tell me that either pitching or hitting is more important than the other. This is why the Sox need pitching, and hitting. But here’s the other reason I have confidence. Rick Hahn is a smart man. Trust me, he has figured this out. He will deliver, and this will ultimately cause the Rise From the Dead; The Return of the White Sox.

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