2020 Power Rankings

These are rankings going into 2020, and for 2020.

1. Yankees

With Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, and Giancarlo Stanton, this team could be dangerous.

2. Braves

Ronald Acuna and Ozzie Albies, and then add Freddie Freeman. Look for all three to breakout.

3. Astros

The scandal will hit hard, but Jose Altuve was good before the cheating too.

4. Twins

Even though they play in a weak division, their pitching is unmatched in the AL Central.

5. Dodgers

They have so much talent, but a change in manager is never easy. Cody Bellinger will have a big year.

6. Nationals

The defending champs have Max Scherzer, Victors Robles, and Adam Eaton. What more do you need?

7. Athletics

Playing in the AL isn’t easy. A 97 win season isn’t easy either, and then look at the A’s budget.

8. White Sox

You’d think bias, but Eloy Jimenez, Yoan Moncada, and Lucas Giolito. And then add in the prospects.

9. Cardinals

Another weak division, but Jack Flaherty is a real-life god. Oh yeah, the batting is great too.

10. Rays

Rays ball, the new way to win it all. Just, well, look at the last article.

11. Red Sox

You can’t spell Red Sox without money, so look for a big offseason from Boston plus Mookie Betts.

12. Brewers

They always get hot at the end, and they were hot without Christian Yelich. What about with him?

13. Indians

Most of the players are falling stars, so 2020 will be one last decent year for the Tribe.

14. Mets

They got hot at the end, so it gets you thinking. Add some free agents, and this team could contend.

15. Phillies

Oh, they places they’ll go when they trade Harper. Worked for the Nationals, just a different method.

16. Cubs

They’re on the decline, all of the previous stars are either gone, washed up, or irrelevant.

17. Diamondbacks

If Ketel Marte steps it up, and the Diamondbacks get some pitching, we are looking at a sleeper.

18. Rangers

It’s a hard knock life for teams in the AL. But don’t take a win for granted, they are a threat.

19. Reds

Joey Votto is a legend, a hall of famer, and he is also on the decline. The team will fall with him.

20. Giants

It’s never easy replacing a legend, but the Giants can do it. Madison Bumgarner will step it up.

21. Angels

Mike Trout is in the prime of his career, but can the Angels actually support him?

22. Padres

The Manny Machado hiring was questionable. But will Fernando Tatis be enough to support him?

23. Mariners

Daniel Voglebach can hit for power, and Yusei Kikuchi could be good. They overachieved last year.

24. Rockies

This team has the star power, it just needs to start to translate into wins.

25. Pirates

Josh Bell can hit for power and a little average, but he cannot carry. There is no pitching here to see.

26. Blue Jays

It’s tough in the AL East, but Vladdy Jr. definitely helps. There is no SP with a winning record.

27. Royals

They’re in full rebuild mode. Adalberto Mondesi is freakish athletically, and will be a future star.

28. Orioles

The only good that I can think of his Jonathan Villar. That says something about the team.

29. Marlins

Garret Cooper is rising, but aside from that, there is nothing to see and no fans to see it.

30. Tigers

They have 2 players over a .250 AVG, and no SP with a winning record. They are just awful.

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